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What It Really Takes To Build A "6-Figure Startup" — From Scratch!
Discover the ONE thing behind the most successful entrepreneurs, how it enabled me to  go from $0 to $100K working part-time, and how you can do it, too!
The "6-Figure Startup" Coaching Program Has Limited Availability... Apply Now to See If There Are Open Seats.
I help startups go from idea to $100K 
— and then scale to 7-figures.
"We had a couple meetings with Ed and knew right away... we needed to work with him."

Jason DeMent, Owner of Evolve Fitness
"I had the idea, but I didn't know how to put it together... Ed knows how to put it together."

Mo Orlando, Owner of Evolve Fitness
Edward Bordi
I help you transition to full-time entrepreneur, go from $0 to $100K in under 12 months, without gimmicks.  Just a proven system.  
  •  In-demand digital marketer/copywriter/coach
  •  $0 to $100K in 30 days while balancing family and a full-time day job!
  •  Startup coach (digital and brick & mortar)
  •  Specializes in helping startup entrepreneurs get capital
  •  Focuses on scaling revenue fast and increasing margins
  •  Former Wharton business school 4.0 student
  •  Author (2 books), speaker, and coach
  •  Award-winning tech advisor helped Fortune 15 save ~$300M
What people are saying...
“Should be mandatory for everyone in business.” — Wendy Lynch
"If you follow the techniques Edward teaches, I can confidently say you will have everything you need to succeed." — Brian McCoy
"Ed put together a master plan anyone can implement into their business for instant results." — Darren Rosenwinkel
"Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level." — Brice Orrell
This Coaching Program Has Limited Availability... Apply Now To See If There Are Open Seats!
"Ed embraces the dirtiest word in entrepreneurism today… "WORK." He has (a) talent, (b) work ethic, and (c) belief…" — James Smiley
James Smiley
B2B Digital Marketing Influencer
"I need to interview this guy on my Sales Funnel Radio show." — Stephen Larson
Went Live on April 23, 2018
Stephen Larson
Host of Sales Funnel Radio
Former Lead Sales Funnel Builder at Clickfunnels
"You are a world changer..." — Josh Forti
Josh Forti
CEO/Founder at Josh Forti Consulting 
Social Media & Influencer Distribution
"You are going to change millions of lives..."
"...forward thinking."
"Will advance your business years... in a weekend..."
"Can't wait to hear you share on stage."
...what people are saying about Ed.

This Coaching Program Has Limited Availability... Apply Now To See If There Are Open Seats! • Westmont, NJ
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